Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Industrious Hygienist vs. Monsoon [manga]

Hidden in the desert sands of Phoenix, Arizona, the Industrious Hygienist waits patiently. Although she is a peaceful person by nature, she has developed several arch-nemeses during the course of her conquests. The Monsoon has returned to ravage her city, and she must be prepared to rescue its unsuspecting victims.

The Monsoon brought several friends along for the rampage - the Dust Devil and the Rain Monster. When they work together, these three are seemingly unstoppable. No property is safe from their wily ways! Monday night witnessed a joint attack by the Dust Devil and the Rain Monster.

The Industrious Hygienist wants to warn her fellow Arizonans about the dangers of the Monsoon. The obvious dangers are heat, lightning, wind/dust storms, and flash floods.


The Monsoon frequently causes an increase in the number of complaints about indoor environmental/air quality, due to the increased humidity and dusty conditions outside. Arizonans should be ready for this and have an indoor environmental professional (IEP) on call to provide peace of mind for you or your tenants.


Since the Monsoon joins up with the Dust Devil winds and the Rain Monster, flooding and water damage from roof leaks are common. If not dealt with promptly (within 24-72 hours) and properly (by a qualified restoration contractor), water damage can lead to mold growth in affected areas.