Saturday, September 27, 2014

Upcoming Posts + Making ART Using Makeup!

I'm blessed to have been insanely busy over the last few months - many interesting projects have been completed or are underway.

There are several safety- and industrial hygiene-related posts I am finishing up, look for them soon. I'm working on posts about eyewash and safety shower best practices, hazardous waste management, and hospital safety and health management.

I tried an experiment to make art using only a No. 2 pencil and makeup (liquid foundation, powder, eyeliner, lip liner, and eye shadow). I wanted to see if the image would turn out looking like a painting or not. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Here's what it ended up as:
Portrait using only a No. 2 pencil and commercially available makeup.

Most of my art is usually black and white portraits with graphite pencils or manga-style cartoons with markers and colored pencils. I don't usually paint. Art is part of my personal employee wellness program.