Sunday, August 12, 2012

Funny sign from a large industrial plant

Found this sign at a steam/coal powerplant, right outside the Penthouse (top level of a twelve level industrial boiler). I laughed (thinking other things that it could relate to...husbands...zombie brains...whatever), snapped the picture, and got the heck out of there.  

Banekus = Haikus by Bane

Disclaimer: this post is not IH-related. Spouse and I are nerds. We are especially fond of Christopher Nolan's Batman adaptations, the most recent of which is The Dark Knight Rises. While I was procrastinating the actual "sit down and write" part of being an aspiring novelist, I realized something weird:

Lots of Bane's lines in the movie fit very nicely in Haiku format.

Photo courtesy of Time Warner and Entertainment Weekly

Check it out...

They were mistaken
You fight like a younger man
With nothing held back

(That one is from the spouse.)

Haikus (American-style ones, anyways) follow the 5 syllable-7 syllable-5 syllable, three-line format.

Here's some more, while I was trying to "get in the head" of the character Bane.

It was a mistake
To make me your enemy
You will feel your death

They are my servants
I am the League of Shadows
Join me and serve me

Do you feel in charge?
You will watch your city burn
I have broken you

I always feel it
Pain lets you know you are alive
You can't hear me scream

I tried to save her
Innocence did not belong
Escape from the pit

They breed corruption
Someday they will understand
Death before rebirth

And just to round it out, here's one for Batman:

Rise and face your fear
Life is not just beating death
Climb without the rope

Hope you like them! I have some more unfinished ones, but I am keeping them to myself.

The Banekus also work if you mix and match, i.e.:

I have broken you
I am the League of Shadows
Death before rebirth

Let's see what you can come up with.